Sources: Love Mss 1620-1640
also Playford 1651, 1690, 1686, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679
For Foure
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Music AABBx3
Recorded Music: “Jamestown Founders Ball” by The Legacy Trio;  “Country Capers” by New York Renaissance Band (on I-tunes);  “Strong Roots” by Bare Necessities (CDSS website)

This is redacted from  Lovelace. The most significant difference from Playford is the more specific directions on whom to dance with in each verse and chorus. It results in a more fluid dance.

(AA) Verse 1
–Double toward opposite couple and back twice

(BB) Chorus 1
–Men fall a double back from their opposite, double forward again (right hand extended) but turn your partner once around with the right hand
–Fall back a double from your partner, double forward again (left hand extended) but turn your own opposite once around with the left hand

(AA) Verse 2
–Side right with opposite; Side left with partner

(BB) Chorus 2
–Same as chorus 1 but begin falling back from partner, turn opposite, then fall back from opposite and turn partner

(AA)  Verse 3  
–Arm right with partner; left with opposite

(BB) Chorus 3
–Same as chorus 1

(Hearts Ease is the nickname for Sweet Viola, in the USA called Johnny Jumps Ups)

Full text of originals

“(23:) Harts ease for only 4: Both couple leade towards each other, and backe againe twice, then all fall backe= and forward, and then each man turne round his woeman and then fall back againe like before, and then you shall turne round the woeman that stands over against you; After siding twice, and falling backe twice, then turne round all singly, and the woeman you turned last before, you shall turn her first this time, and then falle backe all, and each turne his owne woeman; Armes all, 2 and then, and then doe the very same, you did before”


Meet all a D. fall back a D. . That againe : Men fall back from your We. meet again and turne Co. once round with their right hand . All fall back from the Co. they turne, meet againe and turne your owne with the left hand. Sides all with your owne, then with the Co. . Thaat againe : As before : Armes all with your owne . That again with the Co. and fall backe from your owne first, as before : As before :