Cuckolds all in a row

Source: Lovelace Mss 1620-1640
also Playford For Foure 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690, 1695, 1698, 1701, 1703, 1706, 1709, 1713, 1716, 1721, 1728
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Music AABB 3X
Recorded Music: “English Tradition” by City Waites; “The Dancing Master” by Broadside Band;  and “Shepherd’s Holyday” by Wandering Hands and “Cornucopia” by Music Subterranea

This is a redaction of the Lovelace version.  It has a slightly different first chorus and more direction about which person you are dancing with. 

(AA) Verse 1
–Double toward opposite couple and back twice

(BB) Chorus 1
–Gypsy left with partner; gypsy right with opposite
–Gypsy left with opposite and right with partner

(AA) Verse 2   
–Side right with partner, left with opposite

(BB) Chorus 2
–Men change; women change; hands all and go around to left
–Women change; men change; hands all and go around to right home

(AA) Verse 3
–Arm right with opposite, left with partner

(BB) Chorus 3
–Pousette with partner half way (up & down the hall); then slip thru middle (1st cu) or outside (2nd cu)
–Pousette home with partner; (up & down the hall); and slip thru middle (2nd Cu) or outside (1st cu)

Full Text of Originals

“Both couple shall stand 4 square, and leade up to one another, and downe agayne twice; then each man shall goe round about his owne woeman, then the last parte of the tune is to be playd againe, after that he hath gone round about then about the woman, that is opposite against him, and then hee shall goe round the woeman that was opposite to him first, and his own last; Sides all twice, first with his owne woeman, and then with her, that is opposite to him, then the 2 men shall site to him, change places, the woemen also almost at the same time, then joyne all hands, and goe round, till you come to your places, then the woemen shall crosse over first; and then the men and joyne hands like before, and turne round the other way till you come to your places. Armes all twice, once with your owne woemen, and once with the other, but if you please you shall armes with your owne last, then each man shall take the woeman, that is right over against him, and the one shall draw her upwards and the other downwards; and presently draw them againe close together in theire places holding hands; then one couple shall pass through the other, first and then presently the other shall passe through, then the last part of the tune being played againe, they shall draw them contrary to that as they did before like as he that drawes his woeman upward before, shall now draw her downward, and the other upward, and then passé through agayne, contrary to what was done before”


“Meet all forward and backe . that againe : Turne back to back to the Co. We. faces againe, goe about the Co. We. not turning your faces . Turne back to back to your owne, faces againe, goe about your owne not turning faces : Sides all with your owne . Sides with the Co. : Men change places We. change places, hands all, goe round . We. change places, men change places, hands all and goe round, to your places : Armes all with your own . Arms with the Co. : Men put the Co. We. back by both hands, fall even on the Co. side men cast off to the right hand, your We. following, come to the same place again . put them back again, fall on your owne side, men cast off to the left hand, and come to your places, the We. following :”