Playford 1651 Round for eight 1651, 1652, 1657, 1670, 1690

“Meet all, back againe, set to your owne, and to the next . That againe : Armes all with your owne by the right, men all fall with your left hands into the middle. We. go round them to your places . Armes againe with your owne, and We. left hands in, men goe about them towards the left to your places : Sides all with your owne, and change places with them . Sides with the next, and change places with them . The first man and 3. Wo. take hands and meet, the first Wo. and 3. Man, lead out againe then holding up your hands, the other foure cast off and come under your armes to their places . The other foure the like : Arms all with your We. and change places . Armes with the next and change places : Now every man is with his owne Wo. in the Co. place. Fall back from each other, foure and foure a brest to each wall turn and change places with your opposities . Fall back from each other foure and foure along the roome, turn S. change places with your opposite : So each falls into his place as at first.”

Music AABB

AA      Double in, set to partner (half turn at close) and set to neighbor (same turn back to partner); Repeat BB      Arm right with partner (½) to leave men in star left; men do star left around while ladies dance ……….around outside clockwise; Arm right with partner to leave ladies in star left; men dance  around ……….outside clockwise to place while ladies do star left home

AA      Side right with partner, then walk past them on  left to change places (end on diagonal of square); ………..Side right with next person, then walk past them on  left to change places [end one place around the ………..square ladies (left) or men (right)]

BB      First & third couples (now on sides of hall and with their opposite) lead in & out a double ending in an ………..arch with both hands while second and fourth couples (now at head and foot of square with their ………..opposites) cast off away from each other and meet their partner outside the arch and go through and ………..back a double into their current place; Reverse roles

AA      Arm right with current partner, then arm left (1 & ½) to change places; Arm right with new partner, ……….then arm left (1 & ½) change places. You should have returned to a square formation.

BB      Fall along sides of hall (head couples split up) and turn single, then two doubles to change places ……….with the person opposite you; Fall along with head and foot of the square (side couples split up) and ……….turn single, then two doubles to change places with your opposite which will bring everyone home to ……….where they started the dance

Music: English Country Dances from Playford’s Dancing Master (Broadside Band); Country Capers (New York Renaissance Band); Slower versions: A Trip to Kilburn (Baltimore Consort); Jamestown Founders Ball (The Legacy Trio); Galante Kurzweyl (Ensemble Buon Tempo).




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