If all the world were paper

Playford 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690. 1695, 1698  

Round for eight

“Hands all and meet a D. back again, set and turn S..  That again :  The two men against each other change places, your We. as much, the S. Hey, back to your places .:  The other 4 as much : :   Sides all, set and turn S. .  That again :  The first four meet, lead each others Wo. between the Cu. to your left hands, cast off, go to your places and turn your own .:  The other four as much ::  Armes all.  Set and turn S. .  That again :  the first four change places, then change with your own men, cross over taking left hands and right with the We. to your places.:  The other four as much ::”

 Music A 12X

AA      Hands all; split doubles

AA      Hey** for four, begin with head men.   Hey for four begin with the side men.

AA      Split siding

AA      Head couples lead their opposite between side couples and cast back to place and turn your own.  ……….Side couples as much

AA      Split arming

AA      Rights & lefts, four changes with head couples; Side couples as much.*


Music:AA repeated 6X “Old English Nursery Rhymes” (Broadside Band, Vivien Ellis & Tim Laycock)  This has only 4 & 1/2 repeats and needs to be edited for full dance but includes singing.


Note:  *There are a number of possible interpretations of exchange across the set. I chose to interpret the entire figure as 4 changes of a right and left, it being the simplest solution.

Note:  ** There are a number of possible interpretations of crossing, then single hey.   This is the cleanest and simplest.


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