Hyde Parke

Playford 1651, 1652, 1657, & 1665 A Square Dance for eight thus (illustration)

“First and 3. Cu. meet, and fall back . the 2. And fourth as much : First and third men take their Wo. by both hands, and meet side wayes, the first man take the third Wo. by both hands, and slide through the fourth Cu. and cast off to your places, whilst the first Wo. and the third man doe the like . The 2. And 4. Cu. the same. This as before : The second and fourth man change places with their we. holding hands whilst the first man and Wo. crosse over, and going on the outside under their armes, come the man into the Wo. place and Wo. into the mans place, the third Cu. doing the like at the same time . Then the other foure doing the like : This as before: Men goe on the inside of your owne We. and on the outside of the next and so round to your places . Then the Wo. as much :”

Music AABB  3X   (Note: First couple has back to presence and third couple is opposite them – they are the “heads” while second couple is to their left and fourth couple to their right – the “sides”)

AA      Verse: Heads meet a double and back. Sides the same

BB      Heads take hands pousette and slip to center; slip out of the square with their opposite between the ………side couples and cast (2 doubles) back to place;  Sides the same

AA      Verse

BB      Sides change places holding right hands and make an arch while heads pass right shoulder and meet ……….their opposite outside the arches. Then they take hands & pass back into center of set with their ……….opposite and back into place with partner. Reverse roles

AA      Verse

BB      Men weave through women starting in front of their own, behind the next alternating counter-  ………..clockwise;  Women the same starting in front of their partner (clockwise)

Music: “At Home” (Bare Necessities); “Jamestown Founders Ball” (The Legacy Trio) ;“John Playford: Popular Tunes…” (The Broadside Band & Jeremy Barlow) ;“The Pride and Prejudice Collection” (The Pemberly Players) slower tempo.


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