Gelding of the Devil

Source: Playford 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1690
Round dance for six (full text)

Recommended Recorded Music: “Jamestown Founders Ball” (The Legacy Trio)
Music AABBB 3X

AA (Hands all) double round to left; double right back again

BBB First man leads his lady in and falls back, then go through the other
couples, he passing between the couple at his left and she between the couple at her right, returning home; then each couple does this in turn

AA Siding

BBB Chorus

AA Arming

BBB Chorus

Full Text of Original

Hands and 2. D. round, : That again : First man lead his wo. a D. forward and back : Lead her forward again between the other four, cast off the man, come to his place, on the outside of the Cu. on his left hand, and the wo. on the outside of the Cu. on her right hand, to your places : The 2. Couple as much .: The third as much : :Sides all : That again : As before .: Armes all : That again : As before .: