Upon a Summer’s Day

Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665

Longwayes for six

“Leade up all a D. forwards and back, set and turn. S  .  That againe   

The men take all hands, and the women hands meet all a D. back againe, the first one each side goe under the others armes on their owne side, and meet below .Hands againe, and the next Cu. as much  Hands againe, and the next Cu. as much .:

Sides all, set and turne single   That againe :  As before :.Armes all, set and turne S. That againe  :   As before :. 


Music:  Country Capers(New York Renaissance Band);  Altenglische Country Dances Aus Playford (Playford Consort); Viaggi (Musica Subterrean); Pride & Prejudice Collection (Pemberly Players); and Dances Populaires Francaises (Broadside Band)

AA                  Split doubles up and back

BBB***          (Chorus):  Take hands with your neighbors & meet a double & back a double. The first couple goes down the inside of the set; out through the arch created by their neighbors (on their own side) and to the bottom of  the set. Repeat with each other couple until all are returned to place.

AA                  Split siding

BBB               Chorus

AA                  Split arming

BBB                Chorus

***  It is customary for the other couples do two single steps toward the head of the hall after the couple has passed the arch so the set doesn’t keep moving down the hall.