The Black Nag

Playford, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1679, 1686, 1690 Longwayes for six

“Lead up a D. forward and back . That again : First Cu. take both hands and 4. Slips up and stand, the 2. Cu. as much, the 3. Cu. slip up, turn all S. : Last Cu. slip down, the 2. as much, the first as much, turn all single .: Sides all : That again : First man and last wo. change places , first wo. and last man change, the 2. change with his own : All this back again : Arms all : That again : Men the single Hey .: We. as much .:”

Music AABB 3X

AA     Double up and back twice

BB     First couple take hands and do four slips up the hall; second couple the same; third couple the same; ……….all turn single right; Third couple takes four slips down the hall; second couple the same; first couple ……….the same; all turn single right

AA     Siding with partners

BB     First man & third women slip to change, face to face and following right shoulders; first lady and ……….third man do the same following left shoulders; second couple take two hands and change places; All ……….turn single right; Change back in the same order (shoulders will have reversed) and turn single all

AA     Arming with partners

BB     Men the single hey (start passing right shoulders at top); Turn single right if time; Women the single ……….hey and turn single right

Music: “Altenglische Country Dances Aus Playford’s Dancing Master” (Playford Consort); “A Consort of Dances “ (Dragon Scale Consort)

Note: This dance is frequently done three times so each couple gets to dance each position. During the initial double up and back twice section the first couple can cast to the bottom to progress.


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