Shepheards Holiday

Playford: 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1686, 1690, 1695, 1698

“Lead up a D. back, crosse over .  Leade downe, back againe, crosse over   The first man slip before the 2. Man, while his first Wo. before the 2. Wo. then the last man slip behind the 2. Man, while his Wo. behind the 2. Wo. then all six turne round about to the left hand into their places, then the last CU doe as the first, and first as the last. :

Sides, back againe, crosse over  That againe :  Three men and 3. We. back, joyning hands meet.  3. Men hands and goe round, We. doing the like, men and We. back as before and meet, hands backward and goe round as before.Armes as you sided :The first man crosse into the 2. Wo. place, and his Wo. into the 2. Mans place, &ec  ”

Music: AABB 3X (this repeated 3X so each couple can lead)

__Double up & back, switch sides (ladies led before the men) & face down
__Double down (right) & back, switch sides (as before) & face up

__1st couple slip in front of 2nd couple; 3rd couple slip behind 2nd
__ All turn single home, starting up the hall.
__3rd couple slip in front of 2nd; 1st couple slip behind 2nd
__all turn single home, starting down the hall.

__Side right, then pass right shoulders to changes sides
__Side left, then pass left shoulders to change back home

__Fall back with neighbors, holding hands, come forward and
__take hands and circle counterclockwise home
__Fall back with neighbors, come forward and take hands
__facing backwards to each other and circle clockwise home

__Arming with cross over as in second verse

__1st man cross with 2nd lady, 1st lady with 2nd man as 3rd couple __cross
__1st man cross with 3rd lady, 1st lady with 3rd man as new first couple __cross
__Repeat with new positions (At end original 1st couple will be in __2ndplace)
__If you repeat the dance twice more, each couple will lead once.

Recorded Music:
__“A Playford Ball” (Bare Necessities) (spliced to repeat three times)
__“Shepheards Holyday” (Wandering Hands) very slow
__ “English Country Dances from Playford” (Broadside Band) very slow