Picking of Sticks

Playford, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1679, 1686, 1690

Longwayes for six

“Lead up all a D. forward and back.  That againe  First man exchange places with the 2. Wo. then with the last man.:  Leade up as before, then the Wo. change as the man did, every Cu. doing thus.   Sides all  That againe :  The first Cu. slip downe between the 2. They slipping up, then they slip downe, and the first up.: All this again the last Cu. crossing over below, go up and cross above, fall to your places.: :  Then the foure last slip, and first Cu. crosse about .: :Armes all That againe  :   The We stand still, men going the Hey betweene them, the last man going about the middle Wo. does thus three times over, then goe auite round about all the We. to your places .: :        The We. as much .: .:”

Music Ax19

A         Double up and back twice

AA      First man change with 2ndwoman, then third man. All double up & ………..back once.  His lady does likewise.  All double up & back once

AAx2  Second couple does same & then third couple

A         Siding 

AA      First & second couple do shuttles (first down center) twice while third ………..couple goes around the world, crossing right shoulder, dance on ………..outside to top of  set and back down outside to place. Then the second …………and third couple do shuttles while the first couple goes around the …………world

A         Arming 

Ax4     Men go hey between the women; the last man changes the direction …………of the line by going around the middle woman; do this change until …………the original man is leading then go outside of woman’s line from top …………to bottom and up the their line to place. 

Ax4     Women do the same    

Music:  “English Country Dances from Playford’s …” (Broadside Band) has 40 repeats

“Incantare” Musica Subterranea  has 35 repeats

“Pride and Prejudice Collection “ (Pemberley Players) has 35 repeats and  uses primarily other Playford music.  

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