Mayden Lane

Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670 Longwayes for six

“Lead up a D. forwards and back . That againe : All D. to the left hand, back again . The single Hey on each side : Set and turne S . that againe : Sides all . That againe : Back all, change places . That againe : As before : Armes all . That againe : First man change with the 2. Wo. first Wo. change with the 2. Man, while the last changes with his owne Wo. . First Wo. change with the last Wo. your Wo. change with the last man while the 2. Changes with his owne Wo. :”

Music: AABB 3X

AA     Double up and back twice*;  Mirror hey with partners**; set & turn single (left & right)

AA     Siding;  Back a double left, ending right shoulders facing partner, slip right to change places ; repeat; ……….set & turn single

AA     Arming;   First corners change; second corners change while last changes with his own; then first ……….man changes with third lady & his partner with third man as second couple changes at head of set; ……….set & turn single

Music: “English Country Dance” by Bare Necessities

Note:  * The original has both double up and back twice and double to left hand. There is not enough music to do both and the double to left hand is awkward. We just do the standard double up and back twice verse.

Note:  **The original calls for single hey on each side but the mirror hey with your partner is more fun and interesting figure. Consider it a variation if you will.

Note: At the end of the dance the couples are progressed. You can repeat the dance three times so each couple dances each position once


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