Jack Pudding

Lovelace Ms 1620-1640 (21:) Jack Pudding for 6:

“In this posture here at the side you shall leade up, and falle backe twice, and the two lowest(?) shall leade the dance, then the lowermost couple shall quitt hands, and goe up a pace to the top the woemen towards the right hand, and the men towards the left and each on his side shall goe round him, that stands uppermost, and come in betweene them most, and soe both into their places, and there turne round, then the 2 couple at the top shall joyne hands, and goe round, then backe againe into their places; In the same posture, every man shall side with his woeman, twice, then the woemen standing still, all the men shall fall backe, and come into the midle, and the 3 hold hands all on high, then the woemen shall goe under their armes every woeman about his —-man, and soe all fall backe into their places, then the woemen doe fall backe, and coming into the midle, and the men goe under them as before; — ___ — Armes all every one with his mate standing yett in this posture, like before, then the couple that leade shall goe up to the top apace, and the man shall leade his woeman towards his left hand, higher, then that couple that stands towards the left, and then leade her in betweene them both, and then all 4 joyne hands, and goe round onceand that couple being left goe, they shall goe into the place, of the couple, that leade the dance, and then doe the like to the other couple; and put them in the place which is on the left hand, and your selfs on the right, and then the other couple doe the like for his part; doing the very same thing putting himself on the right hand, and the couple that leade the dance on the left, and the other couple at the bottome, and then that couple doe the like, soe that att last they shall come all in theire places in doing after this manner;”

Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690 for six (2nd & 3rd couple in front & 1st couple below them in the middle)   Alt title The Merry Andrew Longwayes

“First and 2. Cu. leade up a D. and fall back, whilst the 3. Cu. leade up to the top betweene the other, first and 2. Cu. leade up againe and back, whilst the 3. Lead downe. Third Cu. leade up betweene the other, and casting off, goe on the outside under their armes, crosse over and under their armes, and fall to the bottome as at first, then the first foure hands and round, and sit whilst the third does as much. Sides all . That again : Men round and hold up their hands, We. under their armes and turne their own, We, go round, and each man turne his owne. Armes all . That againe : Third Cu. leade under the first Cu. armes and come face to the We. hands you foure and round, the first Cu. fall into the 2. Place, the third Cu. leade under the 2. Cu.armes, and hands round, the 3. Cu. fall into the 2. And the 2. into the first place .”

Music: AABB9X

AA     First and second couple lead up and back twice while third couple leads up hall; then leads down

BB     Third couple leads up between the others and casts off (lady right; man left) between the other two ……….couples under their arms, back to place and circle two hands; 1st & 2nd couple take hands and circle ……….left & right

AA     Siding

BB     Men make a circle all three and hold up their arms as arches and the women pass under them (to left ……….side) and each two hand turn their partner home; Women as much

AA     Arming

BB     Third couple lead up to the top and through the first couples arms, turn and circle hands four half ……….way then lead off to 2nd couple while 1st couple leads down to third place; then 3rd couple go thru ……….second couples arms and circle halfway and remain in second place while second couple leads to 1st ……….place; all are progressed and the dance repeats for each to lead once

Music: “The Merry Andrew” on “At Home” by Bare Necessities. Needs to be edited to repeat 3X so all three couples can lead. This is different music from Playford 1651.

“John Playford: Popular Tunes” by The Broadside Band & Jeremy Barlow.  This is the 1651 music but only repeats twice. Needs to be edited to 9X.


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