Jack a Lent

Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686 Longways for six

“Lead up a D. forward and back . That again : First man change places with the 2. Wo. turn S. change with the last man and turn S. after lead up, the Wo., do the like too, every Cu. doing the same : Lead up as before : First Cu. crosse over, fall into the 2. Place, crosse againe, fall into the last place . All doe this change : Lead up as before: First Cu. goe under the 2. Cu. armes, the last come up under the first, this forward and back to your places, cast off . Every Cu. do this change : Lead up as before: First Cu. goe downe and turne each the last, then each the 2. . Cast off, every Cu. doing the same .: Lead up as before : Set and turne S. . That againe : First man turne the last Wo. and to his place again . First Wo. as much with the last man : The first on each side go downe to the last, take them by both hands, goe once and a halfe about, and stay below, the 2. Turning his owne . All do this change :”

Music: AAX4 Repeated 7X

AA     Chorus: Double up and back twice

AAx3 First man changes places with 2nd lady and each turn single over left shoulder to complete an “S”. ……….Then change with the last man similarly. First lady then changes likewise with 2nd man and last lady. ………..Next 2nd lady, then 2ndman , then 3rd man, and 3rd lady, so all are returned to place.

AA     Chorus

AAx2 First couple crosses over and falls into second place improper (2nd Cu. moves up); then cross over ………..and fall into third place proper, (the 3rd Cu moves up) 2nd Cu. does same, 3rd Cu. does same. * Set & ………..turn single left.

AA      Chorus

AAx3  Mirror double hey; as each couple returns to the top they cast off and become the last couple. Hey …………continually until each couple has led

AA      Chorus

AAx3 First Cu arm right with last, then left with the second and casts off to the bottom. Each couple does ………..the same. (Lady to outside – man down middle) Note: new second couples must move up during ………..casting off of old first couple

AA     Chorus

AA** Set and turn single twice (left & right)

AAx2 First man turns last lady (right hand) and returns on outside of man’s line to place. First lady does ………..likewise (left hand).

AA       First couple turns third couple (once & half to take second place) while second couple turns up to …………first place. Note: lady to center; man down outside

AAx4 Second couples does these three verses from set & turn ***

AAx4 Third couples does these three verses from set & turn ***

Music: I use Hesperus “Colonial America”, part of suite with Maiden Lane, Chestnut & Bonny Broome which is recorded in units of AAx4. I then spliced it to be 7 such units for the whole dance. *This required the addition of a set & turn to one unit to make it work out in a way that made choreographic sense.

A slow version of this is recorded by Mark Gilson on “English Country Dance Tunes” but only twice through and on hammered dulcimer.


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