Playford, 1651, 1652, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690, 1695, 1698 Longwayes for six

“Lead up a D. forwards and back, set and turne single . That againe : First Cu. and 2. man the S. Hey, while the other three doe the like, come to your places, and turne your owne . All that againe, the 2. Cu changing their ends : Sides all, set and turne S. . That againe : The 2. man and first Cu. hands and goe half round, while the other doe the like, fall all back, then turne your owne . That againe, the 2. Cu changing their ends.: Armes all, set and turne S. . That againe : First and last man and 2. Wo. hands and go round, the 2. Man turne his owne Wo. . First and last We. and 2. man hands and goe round, the 2. Man turne his Wo. :”

Music AABB 3X

AA     Split doubles

BB     Second man starts the single hey with the top couple (pass right shoulder with the lady) while his ……….partner does the like with the third couple (pass right shoulder with the man) and all take hands with ……….their partners and turn once around (halfway for the second); Switch ends, the lady passing the first ……….man by the left shoulder to hey with the top couple, and her partner passing the bottom lady by left ……….to hey with the bottom couple, all turn as before.

AA     Split siding

BB     Second man and top couple circle until he is at top of set; while his lady and third couple circle until ……….she is at the bottom. Second couple meet and all turn around once. Switch ends.

AA     Split arming

BB     Second woman takes hands with the first & third men to circle her partner once, then second couple ……….takes hands and turns once around; Second man does same with other women and turns his own.*

Music: “Country Capers” (New York Renaissance Band); “A Playford Ball” (Bare Necessities)

Note:  *Literal interpretation. We let all the couples do the two hand turn.


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