Adsons Saraband

Source: Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690
Longwayes for six (full text)
Recommended Recorded Music: On “By John Playford” by Ensemble Buon Tempo

(AA) Verse 1    
–Split doubles

(BB) Chorus 1      
–Men: double to wall & back, set & turn single (all left)
–Women: as much (all right)

(AA) Verse 2    
–Men double down, women double up the set until the third lady and first man are just past one another (start left)
–Double in a shallow half circle back in the opposite direction (start right) ending in your partner’s place and Set & turn left
–Repeat with men up and woman down starting with right foot, ending back in your original places and set & turn right

(BB) Chorus 2      
–Half mirror double hey; set & turn single left;  
–Continue hey back to place; set & turn single right

(AA) Verse 3      
–Men double to the wall (4 beats) then turn back to face their partner as women follow them across the set with a double right
–Set & turn single left
–First man meets third man and back (women likewise); 2nd cu should meet each other at the same time
–All turn partner two hand turn

(BB) Chorus 3      
–Change places with your partner in an “S” figure
–Set & turn single left
–First couple leads down the center, rest following
–Turn and parade back up the hall into the original places

Full Text of Original

“Lead up all a D. forward and back, set and turn S. . That again : Men do a D. from your We. to the wall, come back to your We. set and turn single : Then the We. as much :: Men go all down while the We. go up, men slip to the right hand, and the We. to the left, fall even to the Co. side, set and turn S. . All this again, the Co. way to your places, set and turn S. . First Cu go down betwixt the 2. They coming up, the third come up between the first, then the 2 come to their places between the third, set & turn S. . All this again to your places : Go all to the left hand cross the Room, set & turn S. . First and last on each side meet and go back, turn each other, the second turning his own : Change all places with your own, set and turn S. .: First Cu lead down between the rest, come with a compass to your place, the rest following : :”

Playford, 1651