Leonzello Novo

Paris Bibliotheque Nationale, Ital 972
Domenico da Piacenza “Ballo…”

Leonzello Novo

Two men and a lady in the middle side by side across the hall

—–All together two saltarello doubles in quadernaria misura

—–Double left woman, men
—–Double right woman, men

Snake Hey:
—–Woman 8 piva doubles in “S” thru men substituting 2 ss for the 4th & 8th piva when she goes between the men

—–Men do two saltarello todescho & a quick circle turn with 3 quick singles & a close
—–Woman do two saltarello todescho & 4 quick singles in a mezavolta ending face to face with men

 Contrapassi Exchange:
—–Three contrapassi with mezavolta turn right at the end & posture
—–Do all this again to switch sides

Bassadanza Exchange:
—–double left woman, men
—–double right woman, men

—–All mezavolta right and face
—–2 riprese (left, right) & two continenze (left, right)

—–double left woman, men
—–double right woman, men*  (*include mezavolta right to end next to lady)
—–(all) Reverenze left

—–movimento (woman, men)

These instructions remove one additional Reverence for which there is not enough recorded music.