Flamingo Ball Dance Instructions

Flamingos with Dignity

Ballo del Pesce (to Ballo del Fiore)

INTRO: Once only, each person with a “shrimp” in their hand
Reverence Grave left, 2 seguiti ordinarii turning out in circle

FIND NEW PARTNER: 4 seguiti ordinarii to find them, 2 continence & Rev inviting them to dance

DANCE: 2 seguitii ordinario dancing with partner; 2 serguitii ordinario turning out to face; 2 continenze & Reverence

DEPART: 2 seguiti ordinario to turn out; then 2 seguitii ordinario passing your partner (further apart than before) and turning to face at end;
2 continence & Reverence left

RETURN: 4 seguiti ordinario flanking forwards toward partner; 2 continence & Reverence (pass shrimp to partner)

The people with the shrimps go to find new partners while the original dancers withdraws from the dance floor.

Black Alman

4 Alman doubles; double left back from partner, double right toward them; double left up (men) or down (ladies) hall, then double right to return;

set & turn (man,lady on odd repeats & lady,man on even repeats);
take both hands and change sides; 4 slides to man’s right; double left to change back; 4 slides to man’s right;

double left back from your partner, double forward toward them

Gracca Amorosa

Intro: Rev minima, 2 seguiti spezzati in circle, 2 to turn out; 4 trabuchetti face to face;
seguiti spezzati left, meza Rev right ; seguiti spezzati right, meza Rev left.

Chorus: 2 seguiti spezzati back flanking, 3 mini flanking represa left with a trabuchetto right back to center; the same starting with right.

Circle: 4 seguiti spezzati around circle 4 trabucchetti facing left, right, left, right, 2 seguiti spezzati to turn out; 2 scambiate, left & right & Chorus

Man Solo: 2 seguiti spezzati flanking forward, 4 trabuchetti (still sideways stance) left, right, left, right; 2 seguiti spezzati to turn out;
4 trabuchetti facing; passo left, meza Rev right, same other side & Chorus (both)

Lady Solo: likewise & Chorus (both)

Finale: seguito ordinario to left & meza Reverence, 2 riprese both right, 2 trabucchetti right & left, and then same other side;
passo left, meza Rev right touching ladies right hand; same on the other side & Chorus & Reverence Grave after music ends

Jenny Pluck Pears

Split doubles around the circle; First man turns his lady to center; second as well, third as well, all honor
Men go around the ladies; First man turns his lady back to his side, second as well, third as well, all honor

Split siding; First lady turns her man into center; second as well, third as well, all honor
Ladies go around the men; First lady turns her man back to her side; second as well; third as well, all honor

Split arming; Men turn their ladies into center as before’ Men go around ladies as before; Men turn their ladies back as before

Lord of Carnarvan’s Jigg

Double up & back twice; Gypsy both ways; 1st Cu. cross over one couple, & again, & lead thru the last& cast off, the rest following,
ending with 2nd Cu at bottom of set facing dow

Lead down forwards & back twice (old 2nd Cu); Gypsy both ways; Old 2nd Cu cross over one Cu as before, lead thru & cast off,
all following ending with old 3rd Cu at top facing up

Lead up forwards & back twice (old 3rd Cu); Gypsy both ways; Old 3rd Cu cross over one couple, & again, & lead thru last & Cast off,
all following ending with old 4th Cu at bottom facing down

Lead down forwards & back twice (old 4th Cu); Gypsy both ways; Old 4th Cu cross over one couple, & again, & lead thru last & cast off,
all following; at end all couples are returned to original places facing up the hall

Flamingos strut their feathers


(Three couples): 8 german saltarelli

(lead man) 3 piva doubles, and a ripresa right going in front of his partner to touch the hand of the woman in the middle; then Reverence (left)
as the second man moves up with a german salterello (right); the lead man now passes in front of the middle lady with 3 piva doubles and a ripresa
right; and does a Reverence to the third lady as the third man does a german saltarello (right) and moves up to the middle lady. The lead man now
goes behind the third lady and finds himself as her partner with the another saltarello.

(All) 8 tempi piva; first couple turn away from each other to face with four quick steps; second, then third the same;

(right hands) 3 singles (right, left, right) and turn to face; (left hands) three singles (left, right, left) to return;
Repeat the dance twice more so all are returned to their original partners.

Hit & Miss (to Daphne music)

Double up & back toward opposite twice;

Chorus: Lead your partner inward; your opposite to the head and foot of the hall and back again; Fall back with your partner
Hey for four (men pass by the right shoulder to start)

Siding with partner; Chorus;
Arming with partner; Chorus

Amoroso (NYP version)

Intro: 12 tempi piva

Chase “A”: (man) 2 sempii; 1 doppio; 3 sempii; (lady) follows with the same

Chase “B”: (man) 3 piva; 1 sempii; (lady) follows with same

Solo: (man) “A” 2 sempii; 1 doppio; 3 sempii with half turn on last right to face parter & quick bow (both);
returns with “B” 3 piva; 1 sempii (turning back into line with partner) & close

Solo: (lady) “A” and “B” except she doesn’t turn into line but remains facing the opposite direction to their original travel and he does the
last piva toward her and the sempii to turn into place next to her again facing the opposite direction to their original.

This leaves the lady in the “leaders” position so she will start the chase and solo sections on the repeat. At the end she needs to do the same
modification that he did to join him, both now facing the original direction of travel.

Dull Sir John

Head couples lead toward center, lead their opposite out through side couples & cast back to place*
Side couples do likewise (*Original had each couple doing this individually but it is rushed and less consistent with this figure in similar dances)

First & Third man change; ladies the same; take right hands across and circle halfway & fall back to place.
Second & Fourth do the same except the men fall behind their ladies leaving room for dancers to pass between them.

The first & third couples change, first going between the side couples & third up the middle; then reverse and end up woman in front of man.
Second & fourth do likewise.

The first and third couple do a single hey to their places, women start passing right shoulder.
The second and fourth couples the same.

Men cast off behind their women and move one place to right (counterclockwise); women do likewise (clockwise); men again; women again
(all end with partners but across the set from home)

First and third couples gypsy with their opposite then two changes of right and left to get home. Second and fourth couple the same.

Rostiboli Gioioso

(both) 2 riprese; (man) 2 singles and two doubles end facing ; (both) 2 riprese; (man) 2 singles and two doubles (coming back);
(both) 2 riprese; lady does all as man

(together) 2 riprese; 2 sempii & 3 doppii; volta tonda (2 sempii & a ripresa right over right shoulder); all this again

16 salterello (or piva depends on the music)

rise (man, lady); double left forward man; rise (lady, man); double left forward lady

Repeat from beginning (if you want the lady to be the leader the second time, use the double forward to turn & face in the other direction,
then she will be in the leaders position.

Flamingos Flock & Flock & Flock

Gathering Peascods

Slip to the left for eight counts (hands all) & turn single left; same to right;

CHORUS Men take hands and circle once, returning to place, woman the same; Men double in and clap, as they go back,
women double in and clap, as they go back, men double in and don’t clap but turn single back to place; repeat with women starting.

Split siding with a turn single outward; CHORUS Woman start;

Split arming with a turn single outward; CHORUS Men start

Hyde Park

Heads meet a double and back. Sides the same
Heads take hands pousette and slip to center; slip out of the square with their opposite between the side couples
and cast (2 doubles) back to place; Sides the same

Heads meet a double and back. Sides the same
Sides change places holding right hands and make an arch while heads pass right shoulder and meet their opposite outside the arches.
Then they take hands & pass back into center of set with their opposite and fall back into place with partner. Reverse roles

Heads meet a double and back. Sides the same
Men weave through women starting in front of their own, behind the next, alternating (counterclockwise)
Women the same starting in front of their partner (clockwise)

Official Bransle

(all steps are hopped)
AA: double left, right, left, right

B: six single steps left, hop, hop, pause, jump (the lady can pass in front of the man as she does these and he can assist her on the jump to move
to the next man) ** some musicians play the second part again but I prefer it only once


(three in a line)

INTRO: Trett, retrett, & Double forward 4 times

CHASE: double backwards (last person, middle, then first)

HONORS: Movemento first person, mezavolta second person; movemento second person, mezavolta third person; movemento third person, mezavolta first person.

BASSEDANCE: (last person, then middle person) 2 bassedances steps going back “6 steps” then (first person) does quick set, set & turn with same music

BRANSLE: (middle, third) do bransle (step left, shift weight back) left to face back up hall as (first) does bransle in place

HEY: (full figure 8 hey, with left hand hold turn to change order) ends with new leaders each time



INTRO: double left forward, side right, double forward right, side left (leader continues as he/she choses)

SNAKE HEY: leader, with his partner following holding hands, passes in front of his partners place, then between the second & third couple, etc snaking down the line. The rest of the couples follow until all are returned to place. (piva steps)

MIRROR DOUBLE HEY: Lead couple turns to face down the line, still proper. They start a mirror double hey by going between the second couple, around the third couple, etc. At the bottom they will need to turn again to become proper facing up line. Each couple will follow them, turning, and starting hey by going between the couple below them. Continue until all are returned to place. (piva steps)

CIRCLE: Take right hands and circle with 4 piva steps with partner, switch to left and circle back

FARANDOLE: The leader takes his partner by the left hand, she reaches back and takes the next man by the right, etc as all dancers move into a single long line. The leader snakes the line around the room as he/she chooses, sometimes going thru the line to create knots, and usually ending in a big circle with everyone. (piva steps)

Flamingos Forever


Double up & back twice; Chorus (top man & lady followed by their neighbors cast to the bottom of the set and then cast back up to the top)

Men go down outside of women’s line & back again; Chorus; Women do the same; Chorus;

Men go completely around the women back to their places; Chorus; Women do the same; Chorus;

Men take hands in a circle and go round & back again; Chorus; Women do the same; Chorus;

Everyone takes hands and go in a circle halfway & back again; Chorus;

Men the single hey; Chorus; Women the Single Hey; Chorus


Two men in a line with a lady in the middle, three steps apart;

Intro: One behind another enter with 3 quadernaria doubles & a bassadanza voltatonda (2 singles & a ripresa, all right); repeat

Bassadanza Hey: 1st man double right touching right hands with lady as they exchange places, then double left touching left hands with the bottom man
as they change places; then the lady at the top does double right touching right hands to change places with the bottom man, now in the middle;
All do 2 bassadanza singles and a double forward; Repeat so all are returned to place

Piva Hey:1st man starts a hey for three by passing right shoulders with the lady in the middle. There are two piva steps per exchange
and a total of 9 piva measures.

Saltarello: All do two measures of saltarello, the lady stops, while the 1st man exchange places with the other man clockwise,
doing two more measures of saltarello; Lady alone does a voltatonda in bassadanza (ss rp all right); Repeat so men are returned to place;

The dance can be repeated;

Close: 1st man & lady Reverence; lady and 3rd man Reverence; All face forward

Montarde Bransle

AA: four hopped doubles left (on repeat the leader will snake thru the line under others arms

Bx: Each person, starting with new leader, will turn in a circle with three kicks and jumped close (four people once thru B music)

On the repeat the new leader will snake thru.

Ly Bens

INTRO: double left, double right

OPPOSITION: (man) three singles forward, quick turn to face back while (lady) three single back, & close
(both) two doubles left, & right to meet, take left hands and switch sides to end facing up the hall and improper
(repeat with women going up the hall and men going backward, & meet)

FINALE: side left, side right, turn left

Repeat dance numerous times

Petit Riens

(for three in a line across)

INTRO: 16 piva steps

1st CHASE: (person on left, middle, right go in turn) 4 piva steps

2nd CHASE: (same order) double left

REVERENZA: (person on left to middle; then person in middle to right; then all) Reverenza

FINALE: (all) double back, double forward, set left, set right, turn left

Repeat dance numerous times