EK 50th Dance Class


Guglielmo Ebreo “De Practica seu arte tripudii”

(4/4 quadernaria)

Intro: 3 tempi german salterello and stop. Man does double right in front of lady to improper side. Repeat with lady returning to her own place

Solo: (man) 2 tempi german salterello, 2 singles, and one double; (lady) the same


Leaf & Stem: man goes straight, lady turning in circle, do 2 sempi, 2 doppio, then turn to face with riprese left, right and Reverence

lady goes straight, man turning in circle, the same but take hands for ripresa

Piva: (right hands) 3 piva in circle; (left hands) same back

Finale: man schosso, lady responds; 2 doubles right and left in heart shape to end facing back

Repeat dance with the lady in the leaders place

Music: ” Mesure et arte del Danzare” by Academea Viscontia I Musica

“Eschewynge of Dolenesse” by Misericordia & Gaita

la Graziosa

New York, Public Library, Dance Collection, MGZMB-Res, 1602-16 “Giorgio”

(4/4 Quadernaria)

Into: 3 german saltarello & mezavolta right
3 doubles l’Angelosia and a quick turn right (4 quick steps)

Circle (lady & man at left) circle right hands 4 piva while man at right does own circle. Repeat with other man left hands while man left does own circle

Solo (Lady) 2 doubles l’Angelosa; & turn to face as (men) 2 singles and a double to join lady face to face


Away Reverence right; two doubles (left, right) away turning to face at end;
Ripresa left; volta del giogioso (ss, rp all right)

Return (Men) ss & 2 doubles in circle, right hands while
(Lady) ss & 2 doubles toward them turning into place between them at end
ripresa left, & right; Reverence

(4/4 Quadernaria)

Piva Hey (lady starts with man at right) do hey with six piva such that all get home

Dance repeats in the other direction. Note that Lady danced with man on left first for both circle & hey (he is now at her right);
She will dance with the other man, circle at left, hey at right on the repeat.