Class Notes – Trios by Domenico da Piacenza

Paris Bibliotheque Nationale, Ital 972
Domenico da Piacenza “Ballo…”


Two men in a line with a lady in the middle, three steps apart

—–One behind another enter with 3 quadernaria doubles & a bassadanza voltatonda (2 singles & a ripresa, all right)
—–Repeat this entrance

Bassadanza Hey:
—–1st man double right touching right hands with lady as they exchange places, then double left touching left hands with the bottom man as they change places; then the lady at the top does double right touching right hands to change places with the bottom man, now in the middle
—–All do 2 bassadanza singles and a double forward
—–Repeat with the bottom man, now at the head of the set starting the hey so that all are returned to their original places

Piva Hey:
—–1st man starts a hey for three by passing right shoulders with the lady in
the middle. There are two piva steps per exchange and a total of 9 piva measures

—-All do four measures of saltarello, the lady always forward, while the 1st man does
steps forward and two to exchange places with the other man clockwise, the 3rd man
doing the same and moving to the head of the group;
—–Lady alone does a voltatonda in bassadanza (ss rp all right)
—–This is repeated so the men are returned to their original places.

1st man & lady Reverence; 1st lady and 3rd man Reverence; All face forward


Two men and a lady in the middle side by side

—–All together two saltarello doubles in quadernaria misura

—–Double left woman, men
—–Double right woman, men

Snake Hey:
—–Woman 8 piva doubles in “S” thru men substituting 2 ss for the 4th & 8th piva when she goes between the menTurns:
—–Men do two saltarello todescho & a circle turn left with 4 singles
—–Woman do two saltarello todescho & 4 quick singles in a half turn to end face to face with men

—–(Contrapassi sequence) Three piva doubles with half turn right in place of the ripresa right at the sequence end & a posture with the left foot forward
—–Do all this again to switch sides

Bassadanza :
—–double left woman, men
—–double right woman, men
Bassadanza Honors:
—–All mezavolta right and face
—–2 riprese (left, right) & two continenze (left, right)

Bassadanza Return:
—–double left woman, men
—–double right woman, men* (*include mezavolta right to end next to lady)

Bassadanza Close:
—–(all) Reverenze left

Quadernaria Coda:
—–movimento (woman, men)


Two men with a lady in the middle in a line three steps apart

—–12 piva doubles

—–1st man goes forward with one double left & stops
—–Lady does the same
—–2nd man does the same

—–1st man does a movimento
—–lady does a movimento
—–2nd man does a movimento

—–1st man does a circle turn to the left with four singles (start left foot)
—–Lady does same
—–2nd man does same

—–1st man turning over his right shoulder weaves between the lady & 2nd man to the bottom of the set with 3 piva doubles
—–lady does the same
—–2nd man does the same
—–1st & 2nd men change places with a doubles right counterclockwise
—–Lady follows 1st man to bottom or set, weaves up between the men and to the top of the set with 4 piva doubles starting left

—–Repeat twice more
—–At the end of the dance take hands

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