Class Notes – Lovelace


Double up & back twice & Chorus
Siding (opposite, partner) & Chorus
Arming (partner, opposite) & Chorus

Chorus: (1st & 3rd time) Fall back from opposite, forward with right hand but turn partner; fall back from partner, forward with left hand turn opposite.

Chorus (2nd time) Fall back from partner, forward with right hand but turn opposite; fall back from opposite, forward with left hand but turn


The Milking Payle

Split double up & back twice & Chorus
Split siding & Chorus
Split hands half round & back twice & Chorus

Chorus: Men set twice to their ladies; ladies hey for 3 or 4; ladies set twice to their men;
men hey for 3 or 4 (Note on second chorus ladies set first)


Cuckolds all in a Row

Double up & back twice;

Gypsy left with partner; right & left
with opposite, then right with partner

Siding (right partner; left opposite)

Men change (right shoulder); ladies same; take hands four and circle clockwise home; ladies change (left shoulder); men same; take hands four and circle counterclockwise

Arming (right opposite; left partner)

Take both hands and pousette halfway (1st cu up hall; 2nd down hall); then firsts slip between second as second slips on the outside and reverse roles; continue the pousette (1st down hall, 2nd up hall); 2nd couples slips between the first as first slips on outside & reverse


Jack Pudding

Couple 2 ————Couple 3
———Couple 1————

Double up & back twice (except first couple lead up to top and lead down again)

First couple leads thru center, split, man left, lady right and go under the arches made by the other couples back to place and two hand turn around; then other two couples take hands four and circle clockwise, then counterclockwise


Men come to center and create arches for their partners to go under (ladies to their partner’s left) and around them, the ladies taking the men by both hands to turn back to place; then the ladies do likewise


First couple leads up middle past the others and under the arch of the couples on the left, turn and all four circle once; drop hands and first couple continue to the couple at the right while the couple at the left takes their old place at the bottom of the set; the first couple goes through the arch of the second couple, turns and all four take hands and circle once then the couple to the right moves to the place of the couple previously to the left and the first couple takes the place of the couple to the right and all are progressed so the dance can be done twice again with each couple having their turn as first couple