Saint Martins

Playford For four 1651, 1652, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686

“Meet all, two slips to the left hand, and to the right, men turne S. to the left hand and backe againe, while the We. Turne the Co. way . Men back a D. We. Turne S. men crosse over taking left hands, turne the Co. We. With the right and stay there . We. Goe back, men turne S. We. Crosse over, handing right hands, turne your owne with the left: Meet all a D. change places, set and turne S. . That againe : Men meet and stand, We. As much, hands all, foure slips halfe round and turne S. . We. meet, men meet, and foure slips to your places, and turne S. : Meet all, take each others We. By both hands, two slips to the left, and two to the right, men cast off to yours, Come to your places, We. Following . Back all, change places with your owne, men crosse about each other, and fall back to your first places, We. doing the like, not turne your faces : Men honour, We. Honour, right hands a crosse and goe round . We. honour, men honour; left hands a crosse and goe halfe round : Fall all a brest to the presence. “

Music AABB3X

AA      Double toward opposite couple, slip left two, right two, turn single (men left – ladies right) and ……….double back; Double toward opposite couple, two changes of right & left, turn single

BB      Men double back, ladies turn single in place;  Men change places using the left hand, turn their ……….opposite by the right;  Women double back, men turn single in place;  Women change places using ……….the right hand, & turn their partner by the left

AA     Double toward opposite couple, change places using both hands and set and turn left (moving ……….backwards during turn);  All that again with set and turn single right

BB      Men double up diagonally; women the same; take hands and slip left halfway round, turn single. ………..Women double up diagonally; men the same; take hands and slip halfway home , turn single

AA      Double toward opposite couple; take two hands with opposite and slip to (mans) left two and right ……….two; then men cast off to the left with their woman following (chase);  Back a double; change places ……….with your partner by the right hand; men gypsy and then ladies gypsy all returning to their original ……….places (ladies begin as their opposite passes them) this is a double gypsy

BB      Men honor; women honor; right hands across;  Women honor; men honor; left hands across halfway ……….& fall into a line to the presence at end (BbAa)


Music: “Shepheard’s Holyday” by Wandering Hands


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