Rufty Tufty

Source: Playford 1651 , for foure
(Full text of Source)

Recorded Music: “Country Capers” by New York Renaissance Band; “Jamestown Founders Ball” by Legacy Trio; “By Choice” by Bare Necessities.

(AA)  Verse 1    
–Double forward and back to opposite twice

(BB) Chorus, part 1
–Set and turn single left; set & turn right facing partner

(CC)   Chorus, part 2
–Lead your own to the wall and back, turn single (start toward partner)
–Lead your opposite to head or foot of the hall and back, turn single (start toward opposite)

— Siding with partner

(BB )   Chorus, part 1  
–As before

(CC)    Chorus, part 2
 –As before

(AA) Verse 3
–Arming with partner

(BB) Chorus, part 1
 –As before

(CC) Chorus, part 2      
–As before

Full Text of Source

“Meet all a D. backe againe . Set and turne S. Lead your owne with the left hand to each wall, change hands, meet again, turne S. . One man lead up, and the other downe change hands, meet againe and turne S. : Sides all . That againe : As before . As before : Armes all . That againe : As before . As before : “B

Notes: Drawing is incorrect. Instructions do not include repeat of set & turn but music does. Direction of siding & arming unclear. Direction of set & turn is unclear