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Playford 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1686, & 1690       A Square Dance for eight

“Hands all and meet a D. backe againe set and turne S.. That againe: Men meet & go back againe, We. as much, men meet hands and goe round . We meet and goe backe, men as much, We. hand and go round : Sides all. Set and turne S. . That againe : The two Cu. against each other meet and back, the other foure as much. The first foure hands and goe round . That againe, the last foure beginning : Armes all : Set and turne S. . That againe : Men meet, turn back to back, the We. go round about, the men to their places. We meet, turn back to back, men go about the We. :”

Music AABB 3X

AA      Hands all, meet a double left, back again, set & turn single left ; repeat right.

BB      Men step in & out*, ladies step in & out, men circle left hands four; ladies step in and out, men step ……… & out, ladies circle left hands four.

AA      Split siding

BB      Heads step in & out*; sides step in & out; Heads circle left hands four; Sides step in & out; heads step ……… and out; Sides circle left hands four.

AA      Split arming

BB      Men meet in center turning back to back; woman circle clockwise around them home; and the ……….reverse.


Music: “Country Capers” (New York Renaissance Band); “The English Dancing Master” (The Broadside Band & Jeremy Barlow)


*There is only one measure (8 beats total) for these meet & back figures so it is easier to think of it as a quick step inward & back (Dancers trying to use doubles here are always late)


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