Dull Sir John

Playford 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690, 1695, 1698, 1701, 1703, 1706, 1709, 1713, 1716, 1721, 1728

“The first Cu. lead in and cast off to your places, the man going between the 2. Cu. and the Wo. between the 4. And 3. Cu. as much . The 2. As much, and the 4. As much : The first and 3. Man change places a crosse, their We. as much, hands all foure either round or a crosse and goe round to your places . The 2. And 4. Cu. as much : And fall the last foure the men behind the We.: The 4. And 2. men standing behind their We. the first Cu. passé into the 3. place, the man going between the 2. Cu. and the Wo. between the 4. whilest the 3. Cu. lead right over and fall into the first place, this back again to your places, the first Cu. doing as the 3. did and the 3. as the first, the 4. as much : Then the first and 3. Cu. the S. Hey twice to your places, the We. who stand before their men leading it . the other foure as much : Men cast off, and going on the outside your owne We. fall into each others places, We. as much, men as much againe We. as much : First and 3. Cu. meet, go about each other, We. back to back not turning your faces, give right hands to the Co. We. and left hands to your owne, and so stay in your own places as at first, the other foure doing the like .:”

Music AABB 3X

AA      First & third couples lead toward center and cast out through sides with their opposite & cast back to ………..place*;   Second couple and fourth couple do likewise*

BB …..First & Third man change; ladies the same; take right hands across and circle halfway & fall back to ………..place. Second & Fourth do the same except the men fall behind their ladies.

AA      The first & third couples changes places, the first going between the side couples and the third up the ………..middle of the set; then reverse. Second & fourth likewise, second going between 1st & 3rd.

BB     The first and third couple the single hey to their places, women start passing right shoulder. The ……….second and fourth couples the same

AA      Men cast off behind their women and move one place to right (counterclockwise); women do ……….likewise (clockwise); men again; women again (all end with partners but across the set from home)

BB      First and third couples gypsy with their opposite then two changes of right and left to get home. ……….Second and fourth couple the same.


Music: “Shepheards Holyday” (Wandering Hands) *We have heads & sides doing this figure at the same time so they have 16 beats of music. Each couple doing it separately is too rushed.


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