Chelsea Reach

Playford 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1686, 1690

“Meet all in and fall back, set each to his own* . Lead up all a Square, fall back and set to your own : The first and third Cu change places with their We. whilst the second & fourth Cu. meet and clap back to back, The first man and the third woman meet the second Cu. and the first wo. and the 3. Man meet the 4. Cu. The first man and the third woman take hands round with the 2. Cu. and the 1. Wo. and the 3. Man take hands round with the 4. Cu. and go half round, The first man give his right hand to the third Wo, whilst the 2. Man gives his right hand to his own woman. The first man give his left hand to the 2nd man and turn a whole turn, and the third wo. give her left hand to the second wo. and turn a whole turn, and then turn your own. Sides all with own set to own . That again : Men take your we. by both hands and put all back to back. Then change places all with your own we. the we. give right hands across and go half round, whilst men go on outside the contrary way til you meet your we and fall back with your own wo into the contrary place : Men do the same as the women did, whilst we. go on the outside as the men did, til you come to your places .: Armes all with your own, set to your own : That again : Men take all the co. we. by the hand and lead them out. Then lead back again. Give all right hands to co. and left to next and right to next till your meet the same again : Then lead out again with the same, and give right and left hands till you come to your own places .: “

Music AABB (Except first time AABBBB)

AA      Double in & fall back; Set and turn single left; Lead out & fall back; set and turn single right

BB      (1st & 3rd) pass partner right shoulder and meet opposite outside of side couples to form a circle;  ………..(2nd & 4th) double in (clap on fourth beat) then pass opposite right shoulder to stand in your …………opposites place forming a circle with 1st & 3rd ; Circle half way round so 1st and 3rd end on inside; ………..Two changes of a right and left beginning with partner (2nd & 4th) or opposite (1st & 3rd) note: ………..second one shades into a full left hand turn to get everyone started toward the turn with their ………; All return home and turn your partner with two hands once around (1st and 3rd need to ……… partner and turn 1 & 1/2);

BB      1st & 3rd and 2nd & 4th reverse roles

AA      Split siding

BB      Men push ladies into center counterclockwise; then gypsy so that ladies end in center in right hand ……… and men go on outside counterclockwise ½ way to fall into opposites place with your partner ………..Repeat with men being pushed into center clockwise, gypsy clockwise and do star right while ladies ……… on outside clockwise home.

AA      Split arming

BB      Men lead the woman at their left out and lead back (corners) Four quick changes of right and left ………..starting with this woman until you are in your opposites place; Repeat to home


Music: The only recorded music which has the double BB chorus for only the first verse only is (Bare Necessities) “AT HOME #13”.


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