The Beggar Boy

Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679. 1686 Longwayes for six

“Lead up all forwards and back . That againe : First and last on each side to the wall, while the 2. Cu. meet, back all to your places, men hands and goe halfe round, We. doing the like . All that againe : Sides all . That againe : First and last meet and change places, while the 2. Cu. goes back and meet, first foure hands and goe round, while the other set and turne S. . All this againe : Armes all . That againe : Back all a D. meet againe halfe the S. Hey . That againe : “

Music: AABB 3X

AA     Double up and back twice

BB      First & third to wall while second meet; all back again; Men hands and go half round, while woman ……… the same; All this again

AA       Siding

BB       First and third meet & change while second goes back, all meet; Top four hands and go round while ………..bottom set and turn single; All that again

AA      Arming

BB      Back all a double & meet again; half single hey; That again

Music: “Country Capers” (New York Renaissance Band); “By Choice: (Bare Necessities).


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