Ole Mole

Playford 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686

Longwayes for six

“Lead up a D. forwards and back, set and turn S. . That againe : All D. to the left hand, back again, set and turn single . : As much to the right : : 1st man and last wo. meet a double, back again, meet again and change places : : First wo. and last man as much .: .: The second man as much with his own .: .: . The first two wo. hands and the two last men hands, lead forwards and back to the odd one against them, let the odd ones go under your arms . Do this Change : : over to the place where you began it : : The first and last change as before to your place : : All the men hands, and all the we. hands, meet all forwards and back the first and last, last on each side turn each other, the 2. Turning his own : Sides where you turned, and turn your own : Men the S. Hey :: we. as much :: The D. Hey thrice over .: : Cast off all and come to your places. That again. “

Music AAx

AA Split doubles

AA Split marching

AA First man, third lady, meet, back, meet & change; their partners same; 2nd cu. Same

AA Top two ladies and bottom two men take hands; lead forwards & back against the odd person and then forwards, the odd person passing underneath. Fall back into line across the hall (Facing down C, b, c and facing up A,B, a)

AA Repeat this across the hall, ending longways (A, B, C, and a, b, c)

AA Repeat longways, ending across the hall (a, B, A and b,c, C)

AA Repeat across the hall, ending longways (c,b,a, and C, B, A)

AA Repeat 1st man & third lady meeting, etc until all are returned to place

AA Take hands with your neighbors, double forward, and back, then first & third turn while 2nd turn their own

AA Siding with the person you turned, then turn your own

AA Men the single Hey; Women as much

AA The double hey three times* (We have just done twice to simplify the music)

AA Cast off and come to your places twice

Music: “Mariners & Milkmaids” Toronto Consort (part of suite, edited for repeats)  or “Cornucopia” Music Subterranea


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