Night Piece or Shaking of the Sheets

Playford 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690

Longwayes for six

“Leade up a D. forwards and back . That again : The middle Cu. fall back and slip up, while the first and last Cu. change places. That againe. That againe. Sides all . That againe : First Cu. crosse over, fall into 2. Place, crosse againe, fall into the last, the next Cu. as much, the next Cu. as much . Armes all . That againe : First man change places with the 2. Wo. first Wo. change with 2. Man, while the last changes with his owne : Then change with the last Wo. your Wo. change with the last man, while the other changes with his owne : Set all and turne single .”

Music AABBBB  X3

AA Double up & back twice

BBB Middle couple fall back and slip up into first place as first and last couples slip to exchange places (last cu ends in 2nd place & 1st in 3rd place) Repeat twice more (all get back to place)

AA Siding

BBB First couple cross over and fall into second place improper; then cross over and fall into third place proper; Repeat twice more (all get back)

AA Arming

BBB First corners change then second corners change while third couple changes with each other*; first man changes with last women then first women with last man while second couple changes with each other.  All set and turn single left * *end progressed – you can repeat dance 3 times so each gets to lead

Music: “English Country Dances” The Broadside Band

This has been spliced to add the third “B” section to each part so that there are enough repeats.  If you want to do it three times so each couple can lead then you need to edit for that as well.


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