Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1675, 1670, 1679, 1686 Longwayes for six  Alt title: The Passionate Lover or Lovers

“Lead up all a D. forwards and back, set and turne S. . That againe : The first Cu. goe downe between the 2. Cast off and come to your places on the outside of the 2. Turne your owne, fall into the 2. place againe .: As much to the 3. Place, and so to the last, the rest following. Sides all, set and turne S. . That againe : First Cu. goe downe on the outside, each on the 2. back again, fall into the 2. Place againe and turne your owne .: Do thus to the last the rest following and doing the like. Armes all, set and turne single . That againe : First Cu. cast off, fall into the 2. place, come up between the 2. cast off againe, fall into the 2. place, turne your owne .: Doe this to the last, the rest following.”

Music: AA as needed* or AAx6

AA     Split doubles

AA*    First chorus: 1st couple lead down center between second and back up and turn two hands around ……….once and cast to second place, 2nd couple moving up

AA     Split siding

AA*     Second chorus: “Shuttles in reverse” Second couple slips up inside while first slips down outside; ………..reverse; first slips down again while second leads up ; and two hand turn once around.

AA      Split arming

AA*    Third chorus: First couple casts down; slips up between the seconds, casts down, second couple ………..moving up and turn two hands.

Music: “Country Capers” (New York Renaissance Band) edited to AA6X

Note:  *Calls for a longways interpretation of these three choruses and the music allows for that by repeating for number of dancers in set. But it is also possible to do it as duple minor set with each chorus done only twice so the first and second couple both lead the chorus once and there is no progression. This way the (AA) music would only need to be repeated 6 times and will accommodate any number of sets. With three longways choruses it becomes a very long dance.


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