Playford, 1651, 1652, 1657, 1665, 1679 Longwayes for six (two ladies; two men; two ladies)

“Meet all a D. back againe : That againe : Men goe betweene the We. on your left hand, leading them from the other, change hands, meet againe, turne them you meet . Leade your owne Wo. from each other, meet againe, turn them as you meet : Goe all crosse the roome to the left hand . Back againe : One man goe forwards alone, take one Wo. with one hand, then the other hands all foure, and goe round . The other man as much: Goe all crosse the roome to the right hand . Back againe : The two We. at each end leade to each wall, while one man goe up and the other downe, the foure We. meet hands and goe round, men turning S . Goe all as before, men hands and goe round, We. turning single: The men leade the We. at one end to the wall and back, while the other We. goe up on th outside, and come each under the others armes, and turne each other, men turning each a Wo. As much with the other We. : “

Music AABB 4X

AA     Double up and back twice toward your opposite (across hall)

BB     Men goes between the We. on your left hand (proper man goes up hall; while improper man goes ………down), leading these ladies from the other; change hands ; meet again; turn them as you meet (that is ………the men each other; the ladies on the ends across the lines – the set changes now to across the hall); ………Now lead the women who were on your side of the set to the wall; change hands, meet again; and turn ………them as you meet. (Set is returned to normal)

AA     Slipping left following your leader until the lines have switched sides and are reversed. Slip right to ……….get home.

BB     The secondary (improper) man goes between the ladies at the top and they and the other man join ……….hands and circle four all around falling back to place. Then the primary (proper) man goes between ……….the lower ladies and the other man joins the circle and they go once around and fall into place

AA     Slip right following the bottom neighbor across the room as before. Slip left to get home.

BB     The women at each end lead to each wall, while the men lead up and down hall (proper man up; ……….improper down); meet again; women hands four and circle round while men turn single slowly in ……….place. Lead out & back as before but men circle two hands around and fall back into place while ……….women turn single slowly.

AA*    Meet a double, back again, repeat (across the hall as at the first)

BB       Each man leads the top lady to the wall and back while the bottom ladies come up the set & pass ………..outward between the arms of the man & lady of their side and go back to place and turn the other ………..bottom lady while the man & lady pairs turn each other into place. Each man takes the bottom lady ……… the wall and back while the top lady comes down the set and between their arms and returns to ………..the top and turns her opposite as the man & lady pairs turn into place.


Music: “Country Capers” (New York Renaissance Band); “By John Playford” (Ensemble Buon Tempo)

Note:  *The final verse is missing in the instructions. There is only the chorus (BB).  I have repeated the first verse.


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